Prep. By dissolving white marble or chalk in hydrochloric acid, evaporating to dryness, afterwards fusing the salt at a dull red heat, and preserving it in well-closed bottles.

Prop. & Comp. Chloride of calcium forms whitish crystalline semitransparent masses or fragments, with a bitter, acrid, saline taste, deliquescent, and very soluble in water, from which it can be crystallised; insoluble in alcohol. Composition of the crystalline salt (Ca Cl + 6HO); of the fused salt prepared as directed in the Pharmacopoeia (Ca Cl).

Therapeutics & Use. It is introduced into the Pharmacopoeia on account of the power it possesses of absorbing water, and is employed in the preparation of chloroform, ether, etc.; it is used also in the rectification of spirit. As a medicine, chloride of calcium acts upon the glandular system, and was formerly used in scrofula; it also appears to possess the power of allaying certain forms of vomiting.

Dose. 10 gr. and upwards.

Off. Prep. Solution of Chloride of Calcium, Appendix B, contains one ounce of chloride of calcium to ten fluid ounces of distilled water. It is used as a test.

Solution (Saturated) of Chloride of Calcium, also contained in Appendix B. (Chloride of calcium, three hundred and thirty-six grains; distilled water, one fluid ounce.)