This universal agent is a most pleasant diffusive stimulant, and is excellent for chilliness, new colds, colic and disturbances of the circulation. It quickly sends the blood to the surface, and its prompt use may avert a spell of pneumonia or other serious malady. It is best given in infusion with No. 3. A pleasant way of preparing it is to mix thoroughly half a teaspoonful of pulverized ginger and a teaspoonful of sugar and pour upon it a cup of boiling water and add a little cream. The tincture of ginger is readily procured and is an excellent form of ginger to keep on hand for emergencies. In Pneumonia and Pleurisy, I use part tincture of Ginger and equal amount of Pleurisy root. This has never failed me in a single case although physicians loose fifty per cent, of their patients as a rule. The external application of the tincture of ginger over the abdomen often gives relief in colic. Syrup of ginger is made by adding six drachms of the tincture to a pint of simple syrup; it is a good basis for many preparations. The Tinct. of Jamaica Zingiber is the preparation used in medicine.