Sorbilin is a chemical compound, having as its base the active principles of Paullinia Sorbilis.

Physical Properties. - It occurs as a very fine, white, odorless, crystalline powder, either as such or in tabules.

Solubility. - It is soluble in cold or hot water, or any alcoholic tincture, and is miscible in all syrup mixtures of neutral reaction, with Ammonia Muriate or Spirits Mindereri.

Therapeutic Applications. - Its most important property is, that it is not a cardiac depressant. It may be used without fear of dangerous cyanosis or the formation of a habit, yet no drug is more certain in its effects. It is consequently a safe anti-pyretic or analgesic in cases complicated with heart failure. It possesses no particular soporific further than its arterial sedative effects.

I have used this remedy in many cases, and more especially in my practice of treating all the different kinds of female cases and it has given me the best of satisfaction. In Dysmenorrhoea it is especially valuable as the suffering in some of these cases is intense and water applications do not seem to relieve them in many cases.

For the Neuralgic pain in Diabetes I have also found it of value and it is especially valuable to stop the pain in cases of cancer of the womb, ovaries, or other internal parts.