Active Ingredients. - Cajeput-oil is very fluid and transparent, light green in color, and possessed of a strong but agreeable odor, and a warm, aromatic, and camphoraceous taste, soon followed by a sense of coolness in the mouth. The sp. gr. is 0.914 to 0.927. It is wholly soluble in alcohol, and boils at 343°. Distilled with water, there first passes over a colorless oil, which is the hydrate of cajeputine (C10H16H1O), and constitutes about two-thirds of the crude oil.

Physiological Action. - When swallowed, cajeput-oil causes a sense of warmth in the stomach, accelerates the pulse, and increases the perspiration and the urine '

Therapeutic Action. - According to Ainslie, "cajeput-oil is a highly diffusible stimulant, antispasmodic and diaphoretic, and may be efficaciously given in dropsy, chronic rheumatism, palsy, hysteria, and flatulent colic." In India it is used with much success in particular choleraic affections; also in nervous vomiting, nervous dysphagia, and for the destruction of ascarides.

Muscular rheumatism and nervous headaches are often quickly removed by the oil being well rubbed into the parts twice a day; when thus applied externally it is a strong stimulating rubefacient.

Preparations and Dose. - Oleum Cajeputi, miij. - x. (.15 - .50); Spts. Cajeputi (B. Ph.), 3 ss. - j. (2. - 4).