Active Ingredients. - The root and the leaves contain some ingredient which at any rate proves fatal to the life of intestinal worms. Whether this effect and the other not very well-defined symptoms recorded by Eberle depend on the peculiar bitter substance, or on the volatile oil, which Feneulle's analysis discovered in the root, we have as yet no knowledge.

Physiological Action. - The experience of Thompson is conclusive as to the fact that some narcotic effects can be produced by spigelia. He took large doses, and found that it produced quickness of pulse, flushed face, drowsiness, and stiffness of the eyelids. In another case, three-eighths of an infusion of three drachms of the root, in three gills of boiling water, were given to a child: after the third dose, the skin became hot and dry; pulse 110 and irregular; face (especially about the lids) much swollen; pupils widely dilated. There was strabismus of the right eye, and a wild, staring expression of countenance. The intellect seemed unaffected, but the child was seized with general tremor on trying to assume the erect position; the tongue also was very tremulous. Next morning every symptom had disappeared, except the swelling of the eyelids. It appears, however, that these symptoms are but rarely provoked in actual practice; and the probability is that the cathartic element prevents the influence of the narcotic.

Therapeutic Action. - In the United States, spigelia ranks as probably the best of the anthelmintics, especially for round worm; and it is in general and constant use as a vermifuge. There are, also, some cases of intestinal derangement in children which simulate those produced by worms, in many respects, and are accompanied by much fever and nervous irritability, which are often cured by the use of spigelia. Both in these and also in the case of worms, it is often advisable to unite a purgative with it - for instance, senna.

Preparations and Dose. - Spigelia, 3 ss. - ij. (2. - 8.); Extr, Spigeliae Fluid., 3 ss. - ij. (2. - 8.); Extr. Spigel. et Sennae Fluid., 3 ij. - far. (8. - 16.); Infus. Spigeliae,

Carolina Pink Root Spigelia Maeilandica 15

- ij. (30. - 60.).