Active Ingredients. - Matico leaves contain a volatile oil, a dark green resin, a bitter principle called maticine, traces of tannic acid, and another acid readily crystallizable, termed the artanthic. The oil is of a light green color, and on keeping becomes thick and crystalline. The maticine is soluble in alcohol and in water, but insoluble in ether.

Physiological Action. - Very little is yet known beyond the general fact that matico is aromatic, stimulant, and laxative.

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Therapeutic Action. - Matico is useful us a substitute for cubebs, in cases of discharge from mucous surfaces. When introduced to this country in 1839, it was with the reputation, however, of being an internal or chemical styptic. Externally it may be employed for stanching the flow of blood from trivial cuts and wounds, such as leech-bites, on which it acts mechanically.

Preparations and Dose. - Extr. Matico Fl., 3 ss. - j. (2. - 4.); Infus. Matico (B. Ph.),

Matico Artanthe Elongata 46

- ij. (30. - 60.).