D. Acne, small moles and naevi, Startin, 146, 1/55, 9. Rosacea, 99, 247. Eczema, Milton, 44, 312.

Scrofulous ulcers, condylomata, psoriasis, favus, 7, 296. Lupus, Startin, 146, 1/55, 9; 7, 296; 69, 274; 86, 2: 208; (H.G.P.). Psoriasis, trichophytosis, chloasma, and favus, 44, 312. Prurigo, Squire, 187, June 6, '68. Condylomata and syphilitic ulcerations. Pruritus ani (Ungt. Hydrg. nit.), 209.


About three years ago I had an opportunity of observing the effects produced by the hypodermic injection of Liq. Hydrarg. nitratis. A number of cases of syphilis were being treated in my hospital wards with hypodermic injections of bichloride and bi-cyanide of mercury. On one occasion the person having it in charge, by mistake injected under the dorsal integument of three patients ten minims of the acid nitrate of mercury. The immediate effect was intense pain; this was followed by swelling and redness of the integument, the tumor being in each case about the size of a hen's egg, and presenting a very close resemblance to a carbuncle. The integument later became black, and sloughed off, together with the connective tissue down to the muscles, leaving a cavity which healed by granulation in from six to eight weeks. In one of the patients salivation appeared on the second, and in the others on the third day.

The acid nitrate of mercury is one of the most efficient caustics in lupous, and scrofulous and syphilitic ulcerations, and in syphilitic condylomata. It is usually applied with a glass brush or rod, or with a camel's-hair pencil; a much better method is to wrap a little absorbent cotton around a match or wooden toothpick, which after use is thrown away.