This is a solution of camphor in olive oil, half an ounce of the former being employed to two fluidounces of the latter. It is used locally for the same purposes as the spirit, and as a discutient application to glandular swellings. It may also be used as an injection into the rectum in the tenesmus of ascarides and dysentery, and into the urethra for the relief of the ardor urinae of gonorrhoea. As an enema, not more than one or two fluidrachms of it should be thrown into the rectum at once, diluted with from two to four fluidounces of olive oil; and a preparation of the same strength may be used for the urethra.

The British Pharmacopoeia directs a Compound Camphor Liniment (Linimentum Camphorae Compositum,) consisting of camphor, solution of ammonia, and spirit of lavender; but such mixtures might well be left to extemporaneous prescription. It is in fact a spirit of camphor, rendered more stimulating by the ammonia, and intended, therefore, to act both as a rubefacient and anodyne. It is employed externally for the same purposes as the tincture.