This is simply a solution of camphor in officinal alcohol. A fluidrachm of it contains seven and a half grains. It is chiefly used externally, as an anodyne embrocation in rheumatic and gouty pains, chilblains, sprains, bruises, etc. I have sometimes used it mixed with five or six parts of milk, and applied on linen compresses, as an anodyne and emollient in acute gout. It is also frequently employed in nervous disorders, as lassitude, faintness, and slight hysterical affections, applied to the forehead. cheeks, etc., and held to the nostrils, so that its vapour may be inhaled. The tincture may also be used internally, whenever the alcoholic vehicle may not be contraindicated. The camphor is precipitated by water, but may be held in suspension by sugar or gum. The dose is from ten drops to a fluidrachm. first dropped upon loaf-sugar, and then mixed with water.