This is made, according to the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, by rubbing two drachms of camphor, first with forty minims of alcohol, afterwards with four drachms of carbonate of magnesia, and lastly with two pints of distilled water, and then filtering. The camphor is thus dissolved in water much more largely than by simple agitation. The carbonate of magnesia merely serves the purpose of dividing its particles minutely. Each fluidounce of the preparation, when well made, contains about three grains of camphor. The British preparation, which is made by exposing camphor, enclosed in a muslin bag, to the solvent power of water in a jar, is much feebler, and probably never used with us. Camphor water is an elegant preparation for obtaining the slighter effects of camphor as a nervous stimulant, in the nervous disorders of febrile diseases, slight hysterical affections, uterine after-pains, etc. It also frequently serves-as a good vehicle of other medicines in bowel complaints, especially of nitric and nitromuriatic acids. It is not adapted for obtaining the more powerful effects of camphor. The dose of it is one or two tablespoonfuls every hour or two. It was a favourite application of Seudamore in acute gout, mixed with alcohol, in the proportion of three parts of the former to one of the latter. The mixture was applied to the inflamed joint on linen compresses of six or eight folds, or by means of bread poultices saturated with it.