Morphiae Murias. U. S. - Morphiae Hydro-chloras. Br. - Hydrochlorate of Morphia. - This is prepared, according to the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, in the same manner as the sulphate. In Great Britain it is usually prepared directly from opium, and is probably more used than any other of the salts of morphia. It is in fine, white. feathery, acicular crystals, inodorous, bitter, and soluble in water and alcohol. It may be distinguished from the sulphate by affording, with nitrate of silver, a precipitate insoluble in nitric or muriatic acid, but soluble in an excess of ammonia. The dose and mode of administration are the same as those of the sulphate.

A Solution of Hydrochlorate of Morphia {Liquor Morphiae Hydro-chloratis, Br.) is directed in the British Pharmacopoeia to be prepared by dissolving four grains of the salt in six fluidrachms of distilled water, to which eight minims of diluted muriatic acid and two fluidrachms of rectified spirit have been added. The use of the acid is to ensure the complete solution of the salt; that of the alcohol, to prevent spontaneous decomposition. It will be noticed that this solution is four times as strong as our officinal solution of the sulphate. Great care will be necessary to guard against the mistake of considering these two preparations, which have the same therapeutic properties and uses, as of the same strength. The full dose of the British solution is from thirty minims to a fluidrachm.