Under this head very little remains to be stated. An important rule, it will be remembered, is to graduate the remedy, in relation to its want or possession in various degrees of stimulant power, to the stage and state of 1,he disease; the relaxing or depressing members of the class being employed in the height of inflammation; those somewhat stimulant after the subsidence, or in the absence of high inflammatory excitement; and the most stimulating in cases of unmixed debility. in doubtful cases, or intermediate stages, it is a good rule to combine the expectorants belonging to the two divisions between which the doubtful indication lies; as ipecacuanha or the antimonials with squill or seneka, one of these with ammoniac, assafetida, carbonate of ammonia, etc.; and, in mixed cases, the three sets may all be given together.

During the use of expectorants, the skin should be kept warm; as coldness to the surface, checking perspiration, has an analogous effect sympathetically upon the bronchial secretion. The patient should be clothed in flannel, or other woollen fabric next the skin, and, in acute cases, and in cool weather, should be confined within doors, if not in bed.

The expectorants may be arranged in the two divisions of the nauseating or depressing, and the stimulant.