Enema Aloes. Br., Lond. - This is usually employed with one of two views, either to destroy ascarides, or to stimulate the uterus in amenorrhoea. it may be used, also, when the object is to produce a permanent excitement in the rectum, in order to act revulsively, as in cephalic affections, hemorrhages, and diseases of the liver and spleen. Aloes is said, when introduced into the rectum, to act in the same manner as when swallowed. it is slow, and there is reason to think, is absorbed. The London College directed two scruples of aloes, fifteen grains of carbonate of potassa, and half an imperial pint (ten fluidounces) of decoction of barley; and the present British preparation differs only by the substitution of mucilage of starch for barley-water.