This is the root of Anacyclus Pyrethrum {Anthemis Pyrethrum, Linn.), a small, herbaceous, perennial plant, growing in the countries bordering on the Mediterranean. The medicine is sometimes called, from its commercial origin, pellitory of Spain.

The root is cylindrical or fusiform, about the size of the little finger, wrinkled longitudinally, light-brown externally with dark shining points on the surface, hard, brittle, with a resinous and radiated fracture, inodorous, and of a taste feeble at first, but afterwards acidulous, saline, and acrid. it produces, also, a tingling, burning sensation, which spreads over the mouth and fauces, and is very durable. its active properties appear to reside in a resinous ingredient

When chewed, it produces a copious flow of saliva, and has proved useful in painful affections of the head and face of a rheumatic or neuralgic character, toothache, palsy of the tongue and fauces, relaxation of the uvula, etc. The quantity used at one time may be half a drachm or a drachm. A tincture prepared by macerating a drachm in a fluidounce of alcohol, may be used as a local application in toothache; and the alcoholic extract has sometimes been introduced into the hollow of a carious tooth, for its benumbing effect.