Containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Signification of tho Terms made use of in Medicine and the Kindred S s a Appendix, comprising a Complete List of all the more important Articles of the Materia Medica, arranged according to their Medicinal Properties. Also, an Explanation of the Latin Terms and Phrases occurring in Anatomy, Pharmacy, etc. Together with some Necessary Directions for writing Latin Prescriptions, etc. By J. Thomas, M.D., Author of the System of Pronunciation in "Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World." Demi 8vo. Cloth, $3.50. Sheep, $3.75.

"Surgeon-General's Office,

Washington City, D. C.

February 10, 1865. "Sir:- in accordance with the recommendation of the Army Medical Board, recently convened at Philadelphia, the issue of the Medical Dictionary, of which you are the author, to medical officers in the field, will be authorized in tho Revised Supply Table soon to be published by this Department.

"By order of the Surgeon-General: " Very respectfully,

"Your obedient servant, "W.C.Spencer, "Asst. Surgeon U.S. Army. "Dr. J. Thomas,


From Wm. H. Van Buren, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of New York.

"I regard Dr. Thomas's Comprehensive

Medical Dictionary, recently published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., as the best Dictionary of its size within the reach of the student and practitioner. its directions for the pronunciation of Latin terms, and for the correct writing of prescriptions, are especially valuable and complete. in typography and arrangement of matter it is admirable."

From R. A. F. PeNrose, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Pennsylvania.

"I have examined Dr. Thomas's Pronouncing Medical Dictionary thoroughly.

"I find it characterized by conciseness and completeness; while its arrangement is most excellent.

"As a work for daily reference, I prefer it to all other medical dictionaries."

From Richard McSherry, M.D., Professor in the University of Maryland.

"I find the work to be useful, convenient, and accurate, and I have already recommended it to tho medical class of the University of Maryland."

From D. Hayes Agnew, M.D., Clinical Lecturer on Surgery, Lecturer on Anatomy, etc.

"I have examined Dr. Thomas's Medical Dictionary with no small degree of care. Ii have never seen more industry, research, and scholarship compressed into so small a compass. in my range of reading, I know of no book which combines so pre-eminently thoroughness with brevity, conciseness with perspicuity and copiousness without redundancy, as this work. I anticipate for it a success of no ordinary character."

From Dr.Joseph Leidy, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania,

"Dear Doctor: - I thank you for the copy of your Comprehensive Medical Dictionary. i have given it an attentive examination, and have been so much pleased therewith that i shall recommend it to my students. From its convenient size, the conciseness of its definitions, and the pronunciation and etymology of its terms, it must prove a useful companion to the medical student. The Appendix is an exceedingly important addition; more especially those parts relating to the explanation of Latin terms and phrases, and the directions for writing prescriptions, which cannot fail to prove an invaluable aid to those who have not had the advantage of a classical education."