Cancer usually seats upon the fleshy portions of the system, as the breast, lip, etc. It commences with a small hard bunch, gradually increasing, attended with sharp, lancinating pains, as though needles were being run through it. It sometimes continues in this way a number of years, at other times it proceeds rapidly to ulceration, discharging a thin, acrimonious fluid, corroding and destroying the contiguous parts.


If suppuration has not already commenced, the sorrel salve or the dried juice of wood sorrel should be applied; or if this fail to produce suppuration, the caustic potash, prepared by burning red oak bark to ashes, in a stove or on a clean hearth, drain boiling water through them till the strength is obtained; boil the lye to the consistence of brown sugar. Keep it in a glass stopped bottle, as it destroys cork. Put some on the cancer for fifteen minutes. If it smarts much, sponge it with vinegar; wash it off with warm soap suds, made of Castile soap. The cancer plaster mentioned in this work should then be applied. Then poultice with lobelia, slippery elm, and catmint. After which apply the elder salve. Courses of medicine should be frequently given, and a syrup of pipsissiway, sarsaparilla, and yellow dock root taken freely.