Take the white-pithed elder sticks, run them quickly through hot embers, and the cuticle will easily slip off. Then scrape off the green bark, and make a strong decoction. Put into a quart of this, a half-pint of mutton tallow, as much neat's foot oil, and a tablespoonful of balsam of fir. (Sweet oil or fresh butter, and pine turpentine will do, instead of neat's foot oil and balsam, when these cannot be had.) Boil till it ceases to sparkle and make a noise, when it will be done. More mutton tallow would make it harder; less of this, and more oil would make it softer. It should be very soft for cancers and burns, and pretty hard for fresh wounds that contain no canker. No better salve is made than this. It combines the properties of a protector and healer, while it is entirely permeable to the matter of the sore, and if often changed, will eventually remove it. [Dr. Curtis.]