Soon after the discharge of the after-birth, the mother should be got up, her clothes changed, her person washed with warm water by means of a sponge or cloth, and the bed properly arranged, into which she should be immediately placed. A broad bandage may be put around the abdomen, and a soft linen or cotton cloth should be provided to absorb whatever may be discharged, and removed as often as necessary. She should now take some warm porridge or gruel, and be allowed to remain quiet.


These frequently come on soon after the delivery. A warm brick at the feet, composition tea and nerve powder will usually prevent or relieve after-pains in a few hours. If not, administer a course of medicine.


To prevent costiveness, take two of the pills No. 1 at night, and a mild injection every morning, for a few days, and avoid tea and coffee, and fine flour bread.


But little danger need be apprehended from flooding, as it rarely takes place when the work is left to nature, with the aid of remedies that act in harmony with her. If, from any cause, it should take place, equalize the circulation by giving lobelia in small quantities until vomiting is produced. Put a warm brick at the feet, and inject, if necessary, per vaginam, a strong tea of witch hazel.

Milk Leg

This is a white, elastic, and exquisitely sensible swelling, commencing in the hip, groin, or back, and proceeding down only one leg at a time, attended with heat, pain, and an inability to move the limb, and great suffering when moved. The effect usually extends to the other leg, and frequently becomes general. To prevent or cure this form of disease, steam the lower extremities, and bathe in stimulating liniment, give composition and pills No. 1. If this does not remove the cause, give a full course of medicine.

Sore Nipples

This complaint is exceedingly troublesome to young mothers. apply the meadow fern ointment mentioned in this work, and protect them with the nipple shields.