Simple fractures or dislocations may be reduced by any person of common mechanical ingenuity. The first object is to relax the muscles. The world is indebted to Dr. Thomson for the best mode of accomplishing this object. He directs the patient to take a dose of Cayenne and valerian, to promote perspiration, etc. Then wet a large cloth in hot water, and apply as hot as can be borne, around the injured part, and for some distance above and below it. This being done, hold a vessel under, and pour on water as hot as can be applied without pain, and so continue for fifteen or twenty minutes, when the cloth must be taken off, and the bone or bones placed in their proper position. If the case be a broken bone, it must be splintered; but if it be a joint out of place, nothing more will be necessary than to pour cold water on the part, which will contract the muscles and keep the bone in its proper position. Lobelia taken in broken doses, will also produce relaxation of the muscles, and is often very necessary in dislocation or fracture of large bones. Difficult cases of this kind will, of course, require the aid of experienced surgeons.