This form of disease is attended with feverish symptoms, hoarseness, vomiting, swelling and redness of eyes, a hoarse, dry cough, drowsiness, sneezing, and a thin, watery discharge from the eyes and nose. The tongue is covered with a white coat, and the breath very offensive. On the third or fourth day, the eruption makes its appearance about the face and forehead. It consists of small, red spots, which run into each other and form patches, which begin to disappear in three or four days.


In mild cases, all that is necessary is to give composition, or saffron and snake-root tea, to keep the skin moist, with an occasional injection to open the bowels. If the eruption does not make its appearance, and the feverish excitement continues, it will be necessary to give lobelia enough to produce vomiting, and injections often. The nettle rash, which this resembles, should be treated in precisely the same way.