The principal objects in combining medicines are, to increase their strength, accomplish different indications at the same time, or to render them more pleasant and agreeable. A large number of the compounds offered to the public, are prepared without any regard to either of these objects, but according to the fancy of the one who prepares them. Much imposition is practiced on the people by compounds, that could not be done with simple medicines, as a knowledge of their component parts would destroy their value.

We do not say that the compounds hereafter mentioned are the best that could be prepared, or that they will invariably effect a cure; but we know them to be useful in the cases for which they were designed.

Dose Of Medicine

The quantity of medicine to be taken at a dose, depends on the age, sex, or peculiarity of constitution. The quantity mentioned in this work is an average dose for a full-grown man. Females require less. For children the doses may be graduated by the following rule:-For a youth of fifteen years, the dose may be two thirds the quantity for a grown person;

For a child of ten years, one half the quantity;

For one of two years, one sixth the quantity;

For a child of one year, one tenth the quantity.