The remedies used for the cure of disease should be gathered with much care, and by persons who have a sufficient knowledge of the roots and plants they wish to gather, to be a guarantee against any mistake being made. The season of the year in which they are gathered is to be regarded, with out which the medicine cannot be depended on. Every practitioner should gather as much of his own medicine as possible.

Herbs and leaves should be gathered while in blossom. If left till they have gone to seed, the strength is much diminished. They should be dried and carefully kept from the air. Herb tea, to do any good, should be made very strong.

Barks and roots should be collected in the spring or autumn. They should not be pulverized a long time before they are required for use, as they lose their strength.

Flowers should be gathered when in perfection, and in dry weather, dried in the shade, and kept from the air.

Seeds should be gathered when they are fully ripe, separated from chaff and dirt, and kept in bottles or jars for use.