Pleurisy is an inflammation of the membrane that lines the internal surface of the chest, commonly affecting the right side. It is attended with acute lancinating pain in the side; hurried and painful breathing; a short, dry cough; the skin dry and hot; the pulse hard and frequent; and the tongue coated. Inflammation of the pleura is very liable to produce adhesions between the side of the chest and lungs; an occurrence, however, not productive of much danger or inconvenience. But under unfavorable circumstances, an abscess is sometimes formed, which is always attended with more or less hazard to the patient.


Slight attacks will, in general, require nothing more than the vapor bath and warming teas; but in more violent attacks the patient should be kept under the influence of lobelia until relief is obtained. A bath of hops or a poultice of lobelia and slippery elm may be applied to the side.