The first appearance of this form of disease is commonly in small, round, movable tumors under the skin, without pain or discoloration, generally in the neck, behind the ears, and under the chin, which, after a while, suppurate and degenerate into ulcers, discharging a white matter instead of healthy pus. It is occasioned by impure air, unwholesome food, the use of mercury, or whatever tends to derange the health.


Thorough courses of medicine are absolutely necessary in this form of disease. Give three courses a week, and steam every day; giving in the meantime, and following up afterwards with the spiced bitters, composition, and pills No. 1, according to directions. Bathe the tumors with stimulating liniment, if there is no inflammation on the surface; if inflamed, apply the elm poultice. If ulceration has taken place, wash with Castile soap suds, and continue the elm poultice with the addition of pond lily root, until the discharge ceases.

The diet should consist of coarse wheat bread, rice, ripe fruit, rye pudding, etc., avoiding all grease, tea, coffee, and fermented or distilled liquors of all kinds. Perseverance is a very important requisite in this as well as most other chronic forms of disease.