In this form of disease, the eruption appears at first in small red spots, hardly prominent, but by degrees rising into pimples. There are generally but few on the face; but even when more numerous, they are separate and distinct from one another. On the fifth or sixth day a small vesicle, or bladder, containing an almost colorless fluid, appears on the top of each pimple; for two days these vesicles increase in breadth only, and there is a small pit in their middle, so that they are not raised into spheroidical or globule pustules or eruptions, till the eighth day.

As the pustules increase in size, the face swells considerably, if they are numerous on it; and the eyelids particularly are so much swelled, that the eyes are entirely shut. As the disease proceeds, the matter in the pustules becomes, by degrees, first more opaque and cloudy, then white, and then at length assumes a yellowish color. On the eleventh day the swelling of the face is abated, and the pustules seem quite full. On the top of each a darker spot appears; and at this place the pustule, on the eleventh day or soon after, is spontaneously broken, and a portion of the matter oozes out, in consequence of which the pustule is shriveled, and subsides; while the matter oozing out dries, and forms a crust upon its surface.


No disease yields more readily to thorough Thomsonian treatment than small pox. The patient should begin by drinking freely of composition and cayenne, after which a full course of medicine should be administered, and an emetic course with injections as often as the nature of the case requires. The intermediate treatment should be composition and raspberry tea, with Cayenne No. 2, and injections often administered. The patient should be in a room where the air can be kept pure, and should not be suffered to change from a mild to a cold atmosphere, without due precaution. His diet should be light, and chiefly vegetable. If costiveness prevails, injections are far preferable to cathartics. This course of treatment, with careful nursing, will effect a cure.