Wet sheet pack will be referred to in treatments advised and same can be taken as follows: Wet two heavy sheets in cold water: wring them out and lay them on a bed or sofa: let the patient lie on these, then take the top sheet and wrap tightly around the patient under the arms; then take the under sheet and wrap tightly around the patient over the arms. Of course this can be done with one sheet, but it is not quite so advantageous, as the wet cloth does not come in contact with every part of the body. The patient should be allowed to remain there until the cloth is dry, or until he awakes, as it is quite usual for the patient to go to sleep under these circumstances.


Remain in the open air as much as possible. Be very careful to see that whenever indoors that the air is purified by thorough ventilation. Confine diet to two meals per day, though it would be far preferable if you would eat but one meal per day for at least one or two weeks. Take long walks in the open air, and acquire a habit of drawing in deep inhalations during these walks, expanding the lungs to their fullest capacity. While taking these breathing exercises make a habit of endeavoring to exhale every particle of air from the lungs that you can, and then inhale all that you possibly can. Use great care not to overeat. Every morning immediately upon arising, after taking sufficient exercise to accelerate the circulation thoroughly, take a cold sitz bath for one minute. Exercise numbers 7, 9, 10, 15 and 17 should be given especial attention, though the entire system could be used to advantage.