Bilious Fever:

Immediately upon appearance of the first symptoms take a wet sheet pack. Encourage the appetite for cold water, in every way, drinking copiously of same. Allow no food of any nature until the fever has diminished, and until there is strong appetite for same. Use cold sitz bath twice a day, and follow this each time with wet sheet pack until symptoms begin to disappear. The colon flushing treatment will sometimes hasten recovery in this complaint. As the symptoms begin to lessen in severity, some of the milder movements shown in preceding chapter can be taken with benefit.


Confine the diet to one meal a day only. Eat very slowly. Encourage the appetite for fruits. Take long walks in the open air with many breathing exercises. Take the entire system of exercise as illustrated daily until slightly tired.


Take up some thorough, systematic exercises for strengthening the entire organism, such as illustrated here. Take long walks in the open air, with many breathing exercises. Confine diet to two meals per day and be very careful to masticate the food thoroughly. Take two or three hot baths, with plenty of soap and water, per week. Apply hot and cold water alternately to the parts affected, at least twice a day. At night when retiring place a wet cloth on the affected parts so it will remain there until dry. Use a friction brush of some kind where the blackheads appear, once each day: this should lways precede the hot and cold applications.

Bladder Disease:

Confine diet to one full meal or two light meals per day. Take long walks in the open air, with plenty of breathing exercises. Use only very pure water, and encourage your appetite in every way for this. If the disease is at all serious, all meats and stimulants of every character must be avoided. Of the exercises here illustrated numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 13, 14 and 18 will be found especially beneficial, though the entire system should be used to a certain extent.

Blood Diseases:

Avoid all use of stimulants. Confine the diet to one meal per day for at least a week, though a longer continuance of same would be preferable. Take two or three hot baths per week, using plenty of soap. Take long walks in the open air, with deep breathing. If the skin is affected to any great extent, wet sheet pack will be found of advantage. Take the entire system of exercise as illustrated daily until slightly tired.


If this trouble is chronic, one boil appearing after another, a general system of exercises and an abstemious diet for building up the general health is advised. Wet sheet pack will be found of advantage to open the pores of the skin and thus throw off impurities. Two or three hot baths per week, with plenty of soap, should always be taken, and great care should be used at meal times to thoroughly masticate every particle of food eaten. Deep breathing, and long walks will be found to advantage. There are two processes of treating boils: One is to "feed up" and thus more hurriedly bring the boil to a head, and another is, in case it is not too far advanced, to adopt a very abstemious diet and thus cause it to be absorbed into the circulation. If too far advanced, the former method is, of course, preferable.

Bright's Disease:

Same treatment as in Bladder Disease, though the necessity for the extreme abstemious diet is much stronger in this disease than in the other; in fact about the quickest way to cure a disease of this character is an absolute and protracted fast. By living very abstemiously, and avoiding all stimulants and meats the incipient phases of Bright's Disease can always be brought to a satisfactory cure.


A cold sitz bath on arising. Wet sheet pack to follow same if symptoms are severe. One light meal a day until benefit is noticed. Deep breathing exercises, and great care to see that pure air is secured at all times.