Same treatment as for Boils.


Treatment should aim at building up the general health, and purifying the blood in every way. Long walks and deep-breathing exercises in the open air. Regular use of some system of exercises such as are illustrated here. Every care to secure fresh air at all times, and special attention required to thorough mastication of food that digestion may be carried on more perfectly and more easily. The daily use of some antiseptic wash for the nostrils can be commended, such as a very mild solution of salt and water; about a quarter teaspoonful of salt to a glass of water. This solution must never be made stronger as it very often irritates the mucous membrane and makes the symptoms more severe if this mistake is made.


Cold sitz bath and wet sheet pack twice a day. No food until symptoms begin to disappear, and strong appetite is noted.

Children's Diseases:

In all children's diseases the first, and about the most effective, remedy is to thoroughly flush the colon. Allow no food until there is a strong and unmistakable desire for same. Wet sheet pack can be advised once or twice a day in all fevers. Where there is severe pains in the bowels, apply very hot cloths, changing frequently.


Stay in the open air as much as possible; long walks, and deep breathing will be found of advantage. A fast of a day or two will be found of great aid, and usually when the first meal is eaten after this fast but little will remain of the cold. Rubbing the skin until the circulation is thoroughly accelerated will be found of advantage. Treatment of hot steam baths can also be recommended in severe cases.


Exercise No. 8 will be found of special advantage in this particular complaint, and should be taken at least twice a day until thoroughly tired. Walking in the open air and deep breathing will also be found beneficial. In every case avoid white bread, eating whole wheat bread instead, and confine diet to two meals per day. An all-round system of exercises for building up the general system will also assist recovery.


Remain in the open air as much as possible. Have the windows in your sleeping-room so arranged that the air in the inside contains the same amount of oxygen as that outside. Give especial attention to exercises numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18. These exercises should be taken at least twice daily, and in the open air if possible making a habit during these exercises to draw in all the breath you can inhale. A long walk with deep breathing each day. The diet should be confined to one or two meals per day, and great care should be taken to thoroughly masticate each morsel. If symptoms are at all severe, the patient should retire at night in a wet sheet pack. The cure of this complaint will depend a great deal upon your ability to breathe pure air night and day, and upon your ability to secure a large amount of exercise


Long walks in the open air, and deep breathing will be found beneficial, also exercises numbers 1, 7, 15, 16 and 17. Great care should be taken not to overeat, and to thoroughly masticate every morsel. Confine diet to two meals per day. Secure some pure, strained honey and use same frequently whenever cough becomes irritated. At night, upon retiring, wet cloth and wrap same around neck and chest and allow it to remain there until dry, or until morning.


Wrap the throat and chest in cloths as hot as can possibly be borne; change same frequently until symptoms disappear.