Same treatment as for Bladder Diseases and Bright's Disease.


A fast of a day or two would be the best manner of beginning treatment for this trouble, then confine diet to one meal a day; eat very slowly; masticate thoroughly; avoid meats and stimulants of all kinds. Eat Graham bread and vegetables, also fruits, if desired. Remain in the open air as much as possible.


Wet sheet pack should be given immediately upon appearance of the first symptoms; hot and cold cloths applied alternately around neck and chest previous to use of wet sheet pack. Colon flushing treatment should be given once or twice per clay; wet sheet pack twice a day; hot and cold applications to the throat as often as required. Encourage appetite for cold water, in every conceivable way. Usually, the more water than can be drunk, the better. Absolutely no food of any kind should be allowed until serious symptoms abate and until strong craving for food appears.


One meal per day only. Eat but little meat. Take as much exercise in the open air as possible without serious fatigue. The entire system of exercises here illustrated will be found beneficial in this trouble, though exercises numbers 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 can be especially recommended.


One meal per day; masticate every morsel thoroughly. Avoid white bread, using Graham or rye bread instead. Never eat unless there is a strong desire for food. Every mouthful must be thoroughly enjoyed. The entire system of exercises illustrated in this book should be taken until slightly fatigued. Take long walks in the open air, and see that you breathe pure air at all times. Open the windows of your sleeping-room, both top and bottom, from six to twelve inches.