One meal per day. Avoid all meat and white bread. Take long walks in the open air, with plenty of deep breathing exercises. The entire system of exercises illustrated herewith once daily, taking each movement until slightly fatigued. One cold sitz bath daily, which should be followed by wet sheet pack.


One meal per day for the first week. Stay in the open air all you possibly can. Take all the exercises here illustrated, using each one until slightly fatigued. If symptoms are especially severe, wet sheet pack should be taken once daily.


Wet sheet pack upon the first appearance of the trouble. Fast until strong desire for food appears, then confine diet to one meal per day for a few days. Use exercises numbers 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 15 after symptoms begin to disappear. Two or three times a day apply hot and cold cloths to the affected parts, alternating from one to the other.


Same treatment as for Boils, though when they appear near the finger-nail, as is usual, if finger is dipped momentarily in water as hot as can be borne several times, they will sometimes be driven away and be absorbed by the circulation.