Gastric Fever:

Wet sheet pack immediately upon appearance of the symptoms, which should be followed or preceded by the colon flushing treatment. No food of any character until strong desire appears. Encourage the desire for cold water.

General Debility:

Each one of the exercises illustrated here should be taken, until slightly fatigued, once daily. The diet should be confined to one or two rneals per day. Great care should be taken to see that every morsel of food is thoroughly masticated. Live in the open air as much as possible, and a walk with deep breathing, each day until fatigued, will be found beneficial.


Avoid all meats and all stimulants. Confine diet to one meal per day. If pain is severe nothing should be eaten until it begins to subside. Bathe the affected parts once or twice daily in hot and cold water alternately, changing from one to the other.


If symptoms are severe, wet sheet pack and flushing colon treatment should be immediately taken. Absolutely no food until very strong desire for same appears. Be careful that very pure air be secured at all times. As the more severe symptoms disappear, the system of exercises herewith illustrated can be taken with advantage.