This affection of mind is contrary to every law of our social being. Willing evil to our fellow-beings is contrary to the moral law of God, to the law of human brotherhood, and the law of our mental constitution. Whoever indulges this spirit, has sunk out of himself as he was constituted by the hand of his Maker, and become a fit subject for the companionship of demons; where no other feelings than malice and revenge, crimination and recrimination, ever find a dwelling-place. A spirit of revenge for injuries finds a resting-place only in the bosom of fools, who defy the right of the Almighty to declare, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay:" much less will a malicious spirit, without provocation, find a place in his breast, in which any of the milk of human kindness dwells.

Whoever indulges this cold, misanthropic temper of mind, chokes the natural current of his soul; and while that soul is thus constrained, and its social sympathies are becoming dried and withered, the whole physical organization feels its unnatural action, and becomes partaker of its unnatural depravity. This is to be seen in the very countenance. While the face of the benevolent man shines with the lustre of moral and physical health, that of the misanthropist is dejected, downcast, and sullen. Why this difference in the physical conformation of the countenance? Because the soul of man gives direction to the action of the whole animal economy; and enstamps its own image upon the outward man. One who is versed at all in reading human character, can easily distinguish a benevolent man from one of malevolent spirit, by his exterior, especially the expression of his face.