A man who would enjoy perfect health is obliged to obey physical law; and from this physical obligation he cannot free himself; for if he transgress physical law, he must endure the infliction of a physical penalty. While the violator of human law may escape the punishment due to his crimes, by keeping them out of sight, or by fleeing from the reach of justice, the man who is guilty of violating the laws of his own animal economy, cannot escape with impunity -- his sin is sure to find him out. Though he may pass on for a while without arrest, yet sooner or later, he will find himself overtaken, tried before Dame Nature's court, and condemned.

The man, who, by gradual steps, deviates from the path-way of physical law, may seem to pass on uninjured for some length of time, yet, by and by, he will be sure to feel the rod of punishment. The man who disregards dietetic rules, may not at first discover any injury, or if he experience suffering, he may not discover the relation of the cause and the effect, yet the consequences of his unlawful course, will, sooner or later, follow, and he cannot escape. The man who habitually steeps himself in alcoholic liquor, may possibly live to threescore years and ten, and seem to be tolerably well; yet he has made himself liable to fall suddenly dead, in consequence of the unseen fires that have for years been consuming his internal organs. The man who disobeys law in any other way, may not now see that his system is injured, yet when some outward cause of disease may approach him, he is overcome by it, simply because his previous habits have weakened the power of resistance in his constitution.