A feeling of contentment after eating, and no discomfort.

A desire for fresh uncooked fruits, vegetables, and little, if any, seasoning, or thirst for water. Hunger is always moderate.

Urine amber, clear, and with a pleasant bouquet. Heat and acids have no effect on it. Passed with comfort.

Bowel movements should be brown, molded, but not hard; not offensive, and regular.

Skin should be soft, warm, moist rather than dry, and smooth. No disagreeable odors.

Hair is full, long, and possessed of sheen.

Lungs do their work without discomfort and through the nose.

Sleep is long, quiet, and refreshing.

Work and play are pleasurable.

When trouble comes, when disappointments and losses come, they are soon brushed aside and poise is regained with a resumption of interest in life.

Is not envious, jealous, spiteful, nor given to irritability or temper.

Mind is bright, alert and quick to learn. All attention.

Is honest, truthful, generous, kind, forgiving, economical, and philanthropic.

When sick, recovers more quickly because optimistic, and submits more gracefully to the chastening rod of correction; endeavors to get the benefit of the misfortune by reflecting on the cause, and endeavors to avoid a repetition by correcting the life.