Instead of urine being clear, it becomes turbid when containing chyle (emulsified fat) or pus.

An excessive flow of urine--a temporary polyuria--may be caused by eating freely of vegetables, soup, fruit, and salads. Besides, there may be a slight urethral and bladder irritation, produced by the excessive alkaline intake. Coffee and oranges, or other fresh fruit eaten for breakfast, exclusive of other food, will often cause an excessive flow of urine. Watermelon causes an extra secretion of urine, and should not be eaten by those of a constipated habit, because it diverts fluid elimination by the kidneys. Any foods inclined to stimulate the kidneys to extra action should not be eaten by those with an established constipation habit. Thirst should be endured; for it is a demand for fluid in the gastro-intestinal canal, and unless supplied by drinking or using an excess of fluid furnishing foods, the eliminatng organs will yield to severe demand (thirst), and the necessary amount of fluid to supply the thirst will be forthcoming from the blood for normal secretion, and excretion will be established by the bowels; which means that the vicarious work of the kidneys will be given up when elimination by the bowels has been reestablished.

Scanty secretion of urine--anuria--may be caused by diarrhea or obesity. In the former case the bowels have taken up vicarious work for the kidneys. In the latter case the tissues of the body take the place of a lavatory. In unmasked language, the victim of this physical state urinates into his own tissues.

One of the very necessary states of the body for maintaining health is the proper disposition of water in the system. When constipation exists as an established habit, swilling the stomach with water fails of accomplishing the desired end--causing the bowels to act. On the contrary, it waterlogs digestion, causing fermentation, diluting the enzymes, and flushing them out of the body by way of the kidneys, leaving the bowels as dry as Sahara.


When the bladder is distended, a hand laid over it will feet a globular swelling, which gives out a dull sound on percussion.