Therapeutics is that branch of medical science which considers the application of remedies as a means of cure.

The drug idea is to relieve and cure. In the very nature of man, the drug-and-relief idea is bad; but if man is one thing more than another, he is a habit-forming animal, and if his habits are bad and work for his destruction, he will accept relief rather than stop his habit, which is a natural cure--if to stop a disease-producing habit can ever be considered in the sense of a remedy or cure.

Drugs, or anything that will relieve without removing cause, is a questionable good, and certainly an outrage and a crime where the remedy blinds the physician as well as the patient to the need of searching for cause and removing the same.

To illustrate: Today 1 received a letter from a gentleman who wrote me concerning his wife. He declared that for the past twelve years his wife, fifty years of age, had enjoyed very good health, with the exception of occasional slight indispositions, which were quickly cured by ----- a drugless physician. He then so graphically described symptoms which had made their appearance within the past month that it left no doubt that his wife was far advanced with cancer of the womb. Should such tragedies happen? Never! They are the fruits of a fallacious system's understanding of the cause of disease. A physician who was not in bondage to a creed-bound etiology would have discovered this woman's perverted nutrition in time to save her.

There is no excuse today for systems of healing which ignore the truth that there can be no cure without righting errors of nutrition, and there can be no errors of nutrition the causes for which cannot be found in the mental and physical habits of the patient, and the patient's attitude toward his or her environment; for be it known that we attract what we have.

To relieve a pain with drugs, by manipulations, by ignoring, by suggestion--in a few words, to relieve in any way without knowledge of the true cause--is a crime against the patient, against society, against morality, against ratiocination, and tends to bind man hand and foot below his possibilities.

Discomfort and pain are educators. If man could not find palliation, he would be forced to seek the cause of his discomfort and remove it; and, in doing so, he would discover himself and his God--which is the object of being. Know thyself!

First of all, man seeks thrills and shocks, after he has dulled his sensations on the commonplace--after abusing his privileges. When he takes to the toboggan because the travel on the plain has grown monotonous, his pace will soon force him to seek relief. It is at this stage of man's career that he flounders in reliefs.

What is a saloon? A place to secure relief from discomfort. What is a cigar store? A place to find a new sensation--relief from discomfort. What are midnight lunches? Means of finding relief from discomfort. What are bawdy-houses? Homes for lost souls seeking relief from discomfort. What are doctor shops and drug stores? Places for seeking relief from discomfort and pain. The same is true of hospitals and sanitariums, resorts of all kinds, including globe-trotting, sight-seeing, etc., etc. And, neither last nor least, what are churches? Places for those who are uncomfortable in mind and body--palliation.

After a glimpse at a few of man's institutions for seeking relief from suffering, it is well to think over the question of whether all this restless seeking after relief is necessary. Yes, anything that is, is necessary, and will remain until something better can take its place, The relief which man seeks is in keeping with his development, and his development must be held down to the horizon of his sensations.

Those who are looking for a better plan to secure mind, heart, and body ease would do well to read this first volume over and over; it should be found a rational way out of discomfort. It is not a doctor, a healer, a drug, a formula a diet chart, some peculiar exercise or bath, that man needs. He needs to know what causes his discomfort; and then he can become his own physician, as soon as he proves the truths of the book in his own life. When man learns to know how and why he fell, he can lift himself up.

The day for healers and saviors should be past. Teach man to be his own healer and savior--then civilization can reorganize on a rational basis. So long as it is man's duty to save the world, the world will not be saved; but when man learns to save himself, without any intermediary, then the world is saved.

We need no therapeutics--no remedy; we need knowledge of life. Instead of the professions being a good, they are a curse. The world would be better off in a hundred years from now if they could be blotted out; for they are a menace to progress; they are palliatives; they cater to man's appetites and passions; they keep him in ignorance of his best interests; they keep him enslaved to his passions.

Nature can take care of herself; and, as man is a part of nature, he can take care of himself, if obstructions which have grown up about him are removed.