The amount of urea excreted by a healthy adult thirty-five to forty years of age is about 500 grains (32 to 33 grams). A child five years of age secretes 180 grains (10 to 12 grams). In hysteria the amount may fall very low--sometimes to 35 to 50 grams. When this takes place, nutrition is almost at a standstill. Hysterical women can refuse nearly all nourishment without getting thin.

The elimination of phosphates is affected by hysteria. After an attack, the earthy phosphates increase and correspond to half of the phosphoric acid, whereas normally the proportion of earthy to alkaline phosphates is as one to three.

Drugs acting on the nervous system cause disassimilation. Mercury and iodide of potash pervert cell life; and where cells are broken down, sclerosis follows, and then the diseases peculiar to hardening of the tissues--tabes dorsalis and arteriosclerosis.

Drugs like those above mentioned spend their influence on organs which are most enervated. If the nerve centers have been outraged by a lascivious mind and excessive venery, such drugs as those that are given for syphilis will cause such disassimilation of the great nerve cells that spinal sclerosis will follow; and this change will be ascribed to syphilitic infection, when the truth is that the sclerosis is due to the treatment. All secondary symptoms are due to lesions of the connective tissue, brought on by celldestruction from drug action--not from syphilis; for that disease spends its force on the surface of the body

If the vulnerable organ should be the kidney, the epithelium would be first affected by the drugs; or if the liver, the biliary cells would be affected by the drugs.

If the mucous membrane should be catarrhal, mercury causes ulceration.

Gall-stone is very common. The foundation is undoubtedly laid, in many cases, by mercury; first enervation from the thousands of influences which use up nerve energy, then toxin poisoning, which ruins the body's defenses. With this basis, chronic organic disease can be built by any habits or treatment that will cause disassimilation of the cells of the most important structure of the weakest organ of the body.

The seat of the primary lesion of all toxic poisons is in the highest organized cells. If a poison spends its force on the nerves and brain--as morphine, alcohol, and other drugs do--the disease will be of the brain and nervous system.

Morphine produces emaciation and morphinomania; alcohol often produces obesity and alcoholism, rheumatism and gout.

Lead disturbs the metabolism of proteids and causes an accumulation of urea, and rheumatism develops.

In those who are poisoned on starch and sugar, when the habit of taking too much is discontinued, and the intoxication and its influence are overcome, loss of flesh will be marked; but if proper habits of eating are adhered to, a normal weight will be restored as soon as physiological adjustment can be reestablished.

Constipation, with its infection, often causes great poverty of flesh; but, when overcome, fatness may follow.

The habit of overeating not only creates catarrhal inflammations and the toxin poisoning described, but in those who have great digestive power it causes plethory--full habit--and great strength for a time. A time comes, however, when the organism begins to go down, obesity takes the place of muscle and strength, and rheumatism, "gout, lithemia, oxaluria, or the formation of renal, vesical, and hepatic calcule" (stone) are established. Biliousness, or congestion of the liver, with engorged stomach and intestine, with the accompanying symptoms--namely, constipation, heavily coated tongue, bad breath, foul odors from the body and bowels, piles, prolapsus of the rectum, colitis, appendicitis, engorgement of the ovaries and uterus--are developed; and, when toxin poisoning is added, the usual pelvic diseases follow, including tumors.

The secretions are altered; the urine becomes overloaded with salts, sugar, albumin. The overstimulation at last ends in enervation; then comes sluggish elimination, with headaches, fatigue, lassitude, chronic tired state, drowsiness, mental stupor, apoplexy; and the linking of this diseased state with the state described before, coming under the head of chronic intestinal toxin poisoning, all together completes a vicious circle or chain, the links of which furnish the cause of all diseases.

The foods that feed this state are the carbohydrate and nitrogenous foods--the starch or sugar, and the meat or protein. When these staple foods are eaten in a refined state, with the tissue or building salts left out, or the foods that furnish them--namely, raw fruits and vegetables--the body starves for the salts, and disease must follow.

Few people in the centers of civilization starve to death from lack of food. They have food enough, if it only were the proper kind.

Many people eat what may be seen in the bakeshop windows. These windows contain what the masses want. This starch, fat, and sugar are eaten to the exclusion of fruit and vegetables, and the result is acidosis--scorbutus--ill-health, dull mind, and early death.

It has been the fashion in penal institutions to punish the refractory by placing them in solitary confinement and limiting their food supply to bread and water. Nothing more stupid could be done. If it is the institutions' desire to make the criminal or insane more criminal or insane, no better method could be adopted. But if the institutions exist for the cure of these invalids, they should be put in well-aired and sunlighted rooms, with the comforts of reading matter and a good bed, with fresh water and apples, keeping bread--one of the causes of their insanity--away from them.

Fresh fruit three times a day, with wholesome environments, will start these incorrigibles on the road to recovery. Then, if they are fed properly afterward, they may be cured, with a prospect of staying well.

Tumors or neoplasms are allied with infection. Without toxins, and obstructions to the free circulation of the blood, there can be no tumors developed. The cure for tumors means the correcting of toxin poisoning and freeing the circulation.

All the nutritive changes we have gone over are caused by external influences. These changes are not transmissible, but there is no question but that children born of parents whose nutrition is perverted are more sensitive to like influences than those who are born of healthy parents.

The victim of alcoholism will beget a child with a sensitive nervous system.

Abuse to nutrition may extend to sterility. Any stage short of sterility is stamped on children as a potentiality for taking on perverted nutrition far more acute than normal, but not a state that cannot be resisted, and even improved upon after birth. Nature puts the stamp of sterility on the positively unfit.