Individual life is a state that must vary in keeping with the environment. If the nourishment contained in the environment is potentized with enzymes, then vitamin (little life) will be added; for it is the ever-present link, it is the ever-present immanence--the bridge leading from inanimate to animate.

The air must be vital. I do not mean that it must contain oxygen; for all air--that in the mountains and that in the valleys, in the basement, in the cluttered room, or on the wide-open veranda--is of the same composition. But not all air is potentized with life-vitamin. Sewer air does not differ from mountain air in the amount of oxygen and nitrogen which it contains, but it does differ in the amount of vitamin. The mountain air is potentized with vitamin; the sewer air, the air in closed houses, in closed bedrooms, in dark closets, etc., is dead air. Bottled water, stagnant pool water, boiled water, distilled water, are dead waters. Cooked foods are dead foods. That "mysterious substance"--life, vitality, resistance, vitamin--always eludes the chemist. In the laboratory, it is or it is not in the test tube. It cannot be found except by mental analysis--through the power of deduction. Life, energy, vitality, vitamin, is found--it is in the air, the water, the food, the sunshine, or it is not. We must find out by mental deduction. We have learned from observation that air and water are potentized with life (vitamin), or they are not. We know that where these elements have an opportunity to renew themselves from the world's great storehouse, they contain vitality--vitamin; but when they are confined they become poisonous; not from a lack of basic elements, but they become toxic; for life (vitamin) is always supplanted by toxin when life, or vitamin, fails to be forthcoming from the source of its generation.

Life--vitamin--is cumulative and dissipative. We in our daily lives are either building resistance or we are not. If we persist in supplying our lungs with the air that is vitalized--that contains vitamin; if we persist in supplying our bodies with food that is potentized with enzymes (raw fruit and vegetables), and if we supply our minds with mental food that is vitalized with vitamin, we are building power--resistance. It is well to remember that vitamin--life--is not subject to the rules of the laboratory, and is not confined to substances as coarse as that used in laboratory experiments; but it potentizes thought as well as material food for body-building. And it should not be forgotten that all elements which are to enter into the development of being must be potentized with enzyme. Without the enzymic torch to light the way for vitaminic transfusion, animation fails to appear.

Vitamin will never be bottled; hence the medical mind that looks for a cure-all which can be applied with a hypodermic syringe is doomed to disappointment. Modern medical mind has not got away from its ancestral idea of cure. Enzymes may be extracted and used to bring about fermentation, but vitamin--life--will not be attracted, and scurvy, or acidosis, will overtake the victim of laboratory extracted enzymes and such food as malted milk and artificial foods in general.

It is not cure that we need. It is knowledge of how to adjust our bodies so that the ever-present vitamin will flow into us. We must know how to make a vacuum of our bodies that will attract life, energy--vitamin.

Dead thoughts (old theories that have failed) will not be potentized by clothing them with new-fangled notions. A right theory must be based on fundamentals--on eternal verities. If it is, then the false all around us becomes truth. Truth always must have a potentiality of fallacy; and whether we get the truth or the false depends upon our development--what we are developed for or attuned to. Is our mentality potentized with the enzyme of truth? It it is, then the false can be evoked into life. Vitamin will be added; for it is ever present.

There are dead thoughts. There are thoughts that are languishing, because that on which they feed is devoid of the enzyme of truth. And there are live thoughts--thoughts pregnant with vitamin.

If we clothe our bodies in such a way that our skin is supplied with life (vitamin), and that air can get to it, we shall cumulate energy--we shall store our bodies with vitamin. But if we breathe air, drink water, eat food, think thoughts, that are devitamined--devitalized; if we keep vitamin away from the surface of our bodies by improper clothing; if we drink dead water, eat dead food, think dead thoughts, we become devitalized, and toxin takes the place of enzymes; sickness and death take the place of vitamin--life.

Life, as stated above, is cumulative and dissipative. Such diseases as scurvy and all so-called blood diseases, scrofula, syphilis, tuberculosis, et al., are wholly dependent for their continuance on a lack of enzyme--a lack of food that carry enzyme into the body. Hence the body cannot attract vitamin or life. Consequently disease follows. This is demonstrable. When the profession and the people generally give up dernon-worship--give up their belief that what is called bad, disease, devil, evil, has an existence, and are able to see that these supposed entities have no existence per se, but are different phases of health handicapped from a lack of vitalized food, air, water, sunshine, and mind, then truth will flow in, and a proper theory and practice of the healing art will evolve.

The reason why syphilis is so formidable is because the remedies used are allies of the morbid process. When the gentle influences of life-building activities are allowed to develop normally, this supposed-to-be greatest foe to the health of man, which, we are told, taints the human family, will fade like a dream. It matters not if the remedy is called enzyme, vitamin, or life, or if it is called by any other name, or called by no name at all; success does not depend so much on isolating and prescribing "mysterious substances," or administering wonderfully wrought synthetic experiments, such as "606," et al., which are "so indispensable to life," as upon knowing how to help the human body appropriate and accumulate such an amount of enzymes (vitamin-this "mysterious and evasive element") that it may fortify itself against unnecessary decay, which is another name for scurvy, scorbutus, acidosis, scrofula, tuberculosis, syphils, cancer, etc., etc.