Primarily a cell is produced under almost ideal conditions. It has been seen that health is a state that only approximates the ideal. Under the most favorable circumstances, a cell is approximately ideally developed. The state of nutrition that favors cell development means the normal balancing of energy, unorganized (enzymes) and organized (germs) ferments, and food (building material). If nerve energy runs low, enzymic power is weakened, cell-building drags, building material accumulates, obstruction takes place, and it is necessary for organized ferments to start an abnormal elimination. This means fermentation, irritation, inflammation, ulceration, sclerosis, cancer, and death.

The microbe acts as traffic police in keeping the avenues of the body cleared. This clearing-out process causes the death and disorganization of a few cells in the midst of the fray, This results in the formation of cicatrices; and here is where sclerosis originates.

This scarring process, this hardening of tissue, goes on rapidly in those who live in a way to keep cell development more or less retarded by overstimulation from toxins autogenerated or brought in from without. When a cell is destroyed, a cicatrix is formed. When cicatrices multiply because of a continuance of cause, the accumulation may be so great as to destroy the nutrition of important parts by cutting off the circulation.

Impaired nutrition of important organs is brought about in this way; nephritis, hepatitis, and inflammation of other organs is brought about in this way. It should be understood that an inflammatory process started in this way grinds out to its end very slowly. It may end in hypertrophy, atrophy, cancer. etc.