Psychological intoxications--drunk on ideas, emotionalisms--and physical intoxications, such as alcoholic, tobacco, coffee, tea, acidosis from fermentation of carbohydrates, sugar, and fats, and toxin infections from the putrefaction of nitrogenous compounds--proteins; auto- intoxications caused by checked elimination from enervation brought on from overwork and worry; perverted nutrition, causing activities to start up in diatheses--all have an aging effect on the tissues of the body. Alcohol, when used in small quantities, has the effect of hardening the arteries, and when used in large quantities it produces fatty degeneration. When used in small quantities continually, the effect is to produce cirrhosis. Tobacco, coffee, and tea harden tissue. These drugs also produce arterial pressure.

A regular diet of bread, meat, preserves, cake, pie, puddings, coffee, and tea will bring on sclerosis by first creating toxemia.