Now a few words more from Dr Tilden:

"Years ago when I gave salicylates with the superstitious idea of curing rheumatism, I succeeded in establishing a heart involvement in nearly every case. Since I gave up the use of drugs and injections, I have seen heart diseases only in new patients who have come to me after being medicated and improperly nursed".

These words explain where to look for the real beginnings of chronic, degenerative disease.

Almost any acute condition can be reduced or stopped by taking some poison that is more deadly than the systemic poisons that the body is in the process of eliminating.

People living in Ireland will remember "the trouble" at the beginning of the 1914-18 war. It was just on the point of breaking out. Suddenly, Germany or Britain declared war and a much worse set of circumstances than had previously existed faced the whole country, and just as suddenly all internal trouble apparently faded away. But the key word is "apparently". It seemed to stop only until the bigger trouble began to diminish, and then what happened? Afterwards it was discovered that the earlier trouble had been fermenting out of sight. It broke out worse than ever and went on and on breaking out in different places more and more.

Approximately, that is what happens when drugs are used to suppress a symptom. The pain may stop but beneath the surface the real trouble grows in seriousness and intensity until it becomes far more menacing than it was before the drug.

In order to "cure" you with a drug, the poison which the doctor introduces into your body must be so disturbing to your vital forces that the trouble from your own systemic poisons becomes relatively unimportant.

On that insecure foundation you claim you are "cured". But have you considered how much trouble has been laid aside for future reference? Your simple hopes of having it cleared up in a few days, weeks, months or even years are in vain. Each time you drug yourself you have added to your difficulties so that you are left with a worse set of symptoms—if you remain alive.