Fluid extract of licorice, 2 fluidounces.

Simple elixir, 14 fluidounces.

Carbonate of magnesium, a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the fluid extract of licorice in a capacious mortar with carbonate of magnesium in amount sufficient to form a creamy mixture, then gradually add the simple elixir, stirring well, and filter.

Each fluidrachm of the finished elixir represents seven and one-half minims of fluid extract of licorice. This preparation is used mainly to disguise the taste of quinine. Elixir of glycyrrhizin is an admirable substitute. The remarks concerning that elixir apply with equal pertinence to elixir of licorice.

The National Formulary authorizes the use of purified extract of licorice in making this elixir. The result is similar to that of our formula.