Fluid extract of licorice, 2 fluidounces.

Fluid extract of sweet orange, 1/2 fluidounce.

Fluid extract of coriander, 1/4 fluidounce.

Fluid extract of angelica seed, 1/4 fluidounce.

Fluid extract of cinnamon, 1/4 fluidounce.

Fluid extract of cloves, 1/8 fluidounce.

Simple elixir, 13 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 1/2 fluidounce.

Carbonate of magnesium, a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the fluid extractshaving previously mixed them togetherin a capacious mortar with carbonate of magnesium in amount sufficient to form a creamy mixture, then gradually add the simple elixir, stirring well, and filter. Lastly, mix the filtrate with the alcohol.

Each fluidrachm of the finished elixir represents seven and one-half minims of fluid extract of licorice, together with aromatics. This elixir is used to disguise the taste of quinine, which it accomplishes mainly by rendering it insoluble; hence we refer the reader to our remarks concerning elixir of glycyrrhizin, which may with equal pertinence be applied to this preparation.

Aromatic elixir of licorice was introduced through the Druggists' Circular in 1879, although similar preparations had been employed previously, and the elixir of licorice of Mr. G. G. C. Sims (see Druggists' Circular, 1874) was nearly identical with the above.

The National Formulary recommends fluid extract of licorice and oils of the aromatic drugs in making this elixir. The result is similar to that of our formula.