To elixir proprietatis add of aromatic sulphuric acid an amount sufficient to render it fairly acid. The Supplement to the London Pharmacopoeia, 1821, directs what in these days would be considered an unreasonable amount of acid. (See also our formula on page 8, which is Boerhaave's original formula for making "Elixir Proprietatis with Distilled Vinegar.")


Jalap, 7 1/2 troyounces.

Cape aloes, 5 troyounces.

Gentian, 2 troyounces.

Canella alba, 1 1/2 troyounces.

Orange peel, bitter, 1 troyounce.

Grains of paradise, 3 drachms.

Scammony, 1 1/2 ounces.

Senna, 1 1/2 ounces.

Diluted alcohol, 16 pints

Reduce the drugs to a coarse powder, mix them with the diluted alcohol, and macerate fourteen days, stirring the mixture thoroughly each day, then filter.

(Supplement to London Pharmacopoeia, 1821.)