This ancient elixir has been modified, and deservedly, time and again, until, excepting the sulphuric acid, it scarcely resembles its former self. It was made by the London and Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias, preceding 1770, as follows:

Cinnamon, 3 drachms.

Ginger, 3 drachms.

Cloves, 3 drachms.

Calamus, 1 troyounce.

Galanga, 1 1/2 troyounce.

Sage, 1/2 troyounce.

Peppermint, 1/2 troyounce.

Cubebs, 2 drachms.

Nutmeg, 2 drachms.

Aloes, 1 drachm

Citron peel, 1 drachm

Reduce these ingredients to a powder, to which add of

Sugar candy, 3 troyounces.

Alcohol, 1 1/2 pints.

Oil of vitriol, 1 pint.

Digest them together for twenty days, and filter the tincture for use.

The Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, 1770, improves upon this process, modifying it until the product resembles our former aromatic sulphuric acid (elixir vitriol), U. S. P., the proportion of sulphuric acid being reduced very considerably. Those who make "elixir of vitriol" at the present time will find in our Pharmacopoeia of 1882 a process which, in our opinion, is very much superior to any heretofore suggested, and this old formula is simply a curiosity.