*Aromatic tincture, 1 pint.

**Dulcified spirit of vitriol, 8 troyounces

Mix them together. (New Dispensatory, London, and London Pharmacopoeia, 1770.)

Cinnamon, 6 drachms.

Cardamom seeds, 3 drachms.

Long pepper, 2 drachms.

Ginger, 2 drachms.

Diluted alcohol, 2 pints.

Digest without heat, and then strain.London Pharmacopoeia, 1770.


**DULCIFIED SPIRIT OF VITRIOL. This was made by distilling a mixture of sulphuric acid and alcohol. Its substitute now is Hoffmann's Anodyne, which even at that day the elixir was designed to imitate. We quote: " It is not essentially different from the celebrated anodyne liquor of Hoffmann."New Dispensatory, 1770.