Yellow cinchona bark, 2 1/2 troyounces.

Brown cinchona bark, 1 troyounce.

Browned (slightly) coffee, 2 troyounces.

Sugar, 12 1/2 troyounces

Sherry wine, 32 troyounces.

Citric acid, 150 grains

Reduce the drugs to a coarse powder, and mix all the above-named ingredients. Allow the mixture to macerate for a few days in a warm location, then bring it to a boil, cool and filter it. Dissolve in the filtrate ten and one-half ounces of sugar, and add two fluidounces of alcohol. The above is taken from New Remedies, 1878, and is known as elixir Deslaurier's toni-febrifuge au quinquina et caf.