These include the most popular elixirs, and which are prescribed most freely by physicians. The original "cordial elixir of calisaya" contained all of the principles of the bark which were soluble in the menstruum used in making it, and, as a simple elixir of calisaya, is preferred by many physicians at the present day. When combina-tions of calisaya bark and the various iron preparations were introduced, a demand was created for an elixir of calisaya which could be mixed with certain iron salts without precipitation or inky disco-loration, and this was followed by the introduction of "detannated elixir of calisaya," which would answer this purpose. However, in making the detannated elixir the natural combination of the alkaloids is destroyed and the cincho-tannic acid is separated, and we prefer to use the alkaloids of calisaya direct. The use of the alkaloids, by pharmacists, instead of the bark, will certainly give a more definite preparation, as variation in quality is thus overcome, and we do not know that the name "elixir of calisaya" is very inappropriate under these conditions. Hence it is that we direct the "elixir of calisaya from the alkaloids" in this work; but if the operator prefers, the detannated elixir can be substituted.

It must be remembered that the alkaloids of calisaya are almost insoluble in a slightly alkaline or neutral aqueous menstruum, and, as a consequence, the elixir of these alkaloids should have an acid reaction. However, some outside combinations, especially with pyrophosphate of iron and ammonio-citrate of bismuth, will not admit of a strong acid reaction, and the operator should endeavor to have these associations as nearly neutral as it is possible and retain the several ingredients in solution. With a little experience the skillful pharmacist will learn to associate many of these incongruities; but there is no doubt that oft times the filter paper is the real pharmacist, when some of the incompatibles we might name are supposed to be associated in a transparent, permanent condition, and that upon the filter paper may be found the bulk of the medicinal ingredients.