Within three months from the appearance of the first edition of this book, the publishers have notified us that a second is demanded. This encourages us to believe that our work is not wholly unappreciated. We issued the first edition with misgivings. We feared that the class of preparations embraced under the name elixir would not prove sufficiently interesting and valuable to warrant the publication of a work devoted exclusively to this subject. Then, too, various problems arose when we attempted to untangle the intricate elixir history, to reconcile incompatibles, to criticize judiciously, and to prevent our prejudices from occasionally influencing our remarks. These and other points rendered our labor by no means pleasant. However, the favor with which the first edition has been received, and the many words of approval regarding it, lead us to believe that our labor has not been lost. We cordially invite pharmacists to notify us of any troublesome formula in this book, to correspond with us concerning elixirs in local use, if omitted by it, and to advise us of any historical oversight.

J. U. L.