As two former revisions of this little work have each been honored with a call for several editions, and as there is at the same time a palpable decrease in the sale of trade elixirs, there seems to be ample room for the conclusion that preparations of this class are passing from the hands of manufacturing chemists into those of the pharmacists themselves. This fact, notwithstanding an admitted decrease in the consumption of elixirs, will suffice to account for a third revision. The addition of about thirty new formulae brings the total of the present edition to two hundred and seventy one; and, with the benefit of experience, many of the older formulae have been modified and improved. Thanks to the cordial interest with which it has been favored by the profession, and friendly correspondence received from many of its members, we are enabled to present with each revision many valuable alterations in the processes. We desire at once to thank them heartily, and to beg them to show a continued interest in the same friendly way.

J. U. L. Cincinnati, November 10th, 1891.